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James Hormann
Simone Stanton
Jack Baumgartel

Ying Li



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Unisoft Medical Corporation is a medical device company that created Unisoft One, the first single patient use therapy mattress for hospitals. Unisoft recognized that while all other areas of medical technology were advancing, the hospital mattress has remained unchanged for years. The Unisoft One was designed in order to prevent pressure ulcers and the spread of infectious disease in a clinical setting by eliminating the risk of cross-contamination from reusable mattresses. Prevention of pressure sores was achieved by utilizing alternating low-pressure cells within the mattress to continually redistribute a patient’s weight.  The primary objectives of the project were to complete the redesign of an existing smart pump prototype and optimize the control system through various tests. Research into upgrading the pump and valves was conducted, and new parts were implemented into the design. Tests were performed to determine the best pressure outputs for different weights and heights. Time-based and pressure-based alternation cycles were compared to validate the effectiveness of pressure-based cycles. In order for the smart pump to be integrated into a clinical environment, a production-like housing for the system was designed.