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Team 4

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Ali Kafel
Bryant Thai
Elaine Isaacson
Victor Khov Ty

Benjamin Fuller



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Sonalysts is a company based in Connecticut that has integrated advanced technology capabilities of a defense research, development, and engineering firm while also providing solutions to services involving graphics design, sound design and set construction or exhibitory business. Sonalysts’ goal in sponsoring this system engineering project is to introduce the team upon the subject of model-based systems engineering of complex systems that are built from the synergy of computational and physical components, in this instance, an Arista switch is the main focal point. This exposure increases the awareness of systems engineering while also illustrating its concepts through projects. Another worthy note for the importance of this project is that major changes have been initiated by the Department of Defense which prioritizes the practice of Agile software development process as a means to improve the software quality and speed of delivery.  The goal of the project is to generate Arista switch configurations, which will then be loaded the new configuration onto the switches. Our was tasked with modeling the switch on a systems modeler called Cameo along with the necessary components and possible security features, if necessary, of a nominal target network. Additionally, the model exports all the essential configuration of the switch. The team also developed Python based code to convert the output of the model into configuration files that could be loaded onto the switch. The ultimate goal of this software development is to eliminate any manual updates that occur when configuration files are generated before being loaded onto the switch.