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Arushi Mathur
Megha Shankar

Dr. Kazunori Hoshino


Hoshino Lab

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Two-Layer Tubular Structure for 3D Cancer Cell Culture and Microtissue Analysis

The purpose of this design project is to fabricate an in vitro three-dimensional two-layer tubular cell culture structure through the usage of alginate and agarose hydrogels as an environment for tumor cell growth. MCF-7 breast cancer cells will be embedded within the inner layer of the hydrogel structure. This layer will be supplemented with CollaGel, a collagen/hydrogel mixture used in place of Matrigel, a common hydrogel that mimics the in vivo basement membrane matrix in cancer cell experiments. The outer layer will resemble peripheral tissue layers. The design of such a structure lends itself to the study of cancer cell migration and invasion. The interactions between material, biological substances, and tissue behavior in relation to active tumors will be studied. By modeling the environment of a tumor in three dimensions, more accurate data of in vivo conditions can be obtained when combined with therapeutics for the treatment of diseased tissue. The result of this project provides valuable information to pharmaceutical companies and cancer patients, in addition to researchers as it expands on cancer research on an in vitro scale and provides more knowledge on the interaction of drugs with tissues outside the body.