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Nader Kasem
Hailey Parsons
Zachary Briggs

Patrick D. Kumavor



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Mechanical Human Thorax Model for Automatic and CPR Device Testing

The mannequins for CPR training used today is not an adequate and accurate model of an actual human chest. The human chest contains organs and tissues which will cause the chest to recoil more than that of an empty foam dummy. There must be a device implemented that will provide the recoil or dampening effect into the CPR mannequins. The design of a new mannequin with a dampening effect along with other changes to produce a more effective training program and device is needed to appropriately train regular people and first responders on CPR. Our goal is to design a cost-effective CPR device that resolves this issue and gives a better simulated CPR training experience and can be readily available for people to utilize. This would include adding a dampening feature within the compression device that houses the spring. As a result, our design will help medical professionals become proficient at giving high-quality CPR and will give more of the average laypersons the opportunity to learn this valuable skill and ultimately result in saving more lives.