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Jennifer Field
Jonathan Lebo
Sean Walters
Andrew Christenson

Dr. Gielo-Perczak



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Utilizing 3D Motion-Capture to Optimize Prostheses for K3 and K4 Amputees

Paralympic athletes serve as pillars of hope for the 20% of Americans with disabilities and as a marvel of human spirit and ingenuity. Sport specific prostheses are essential to provide these athletes with the functionality necessary to compete and should be optimized for safety and performance. Unfortunately, barriers exist that make it difficult to obtain the necessary devices for the level of performance that an athlete needs such as cost and accessibility. Ideally para-athletes would exhibit biomechanically identical movements when compared to a typical athlete. This project aims to close this gap by observing differences in kinematic data derived from 3D motion capture systems between para and non-para athletes. This data can be used to inform changes to the prosthetic to increase safety and performance while meeting regulations.