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Caroline St. Pierre
Cody Swanson
Kevin Huang

John Ivan


Town of Manchester, CT

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Manchester, CT I-384 Exit 2 Intersection Redesign

The Town of Manchester has identified operational and safety issues with the intersection of I-384 Eastbound Exit 2 Off-Ramp and Wetherell Street. On the off ramp, the vehicles experience significant delay and low level of service during peak hours. This leads to daily queuing of cars on the ramp that sometimes stretches back onto the highway. Our senior design project is to help the town study this intersection and offer potential intersection improvements to increase capacity and safety. As a team, we developed four alternatives for this intersection: Roundabout, Traffic Signals, All-Way Stop, and No-Change (Two-Way Stop). To select the best alternative, we ranked each using a multi-criteria analysis focusing on operational performance, safety, cost, and aesthetics. Through our analysis the roundabout alternative was selected to be the best solution for the intersection. Using AutoCAD, we designed a roundabout using FHWA guidelines and existing intersection constraints. We also made various pedestrian and cyclist improvements at the intersection and on Wetherell Street. For this project, our team deliverables include: Alternative Analysis, VISSIM Simulation Models, AutoCAD Drawings, and Preliminary Cost Estimates.