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Luke Bowden
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City of Norwalk - Wall Street Corridor Redesign

Wall Street has served as a downtown area of Norwalk for almost 100 years until 1955. A flood resulted in catastrophic property damage to the Wall Street neighborhood. The economic challenges due to this flooding is still visible today with the number of vacant buildings along the corridor. The current design of the road network is vehicle-oriented with little consideration for pedestrians and bicyclists. Consequently, the corridor is lacking a sense of community. The City of Norwalk sees a need to revitalize the neighborhood and create a lively pedestrian experience that encourages activity and creates a sense of place. Our project focuses on three connected streets in the corridor: Wall Street, Belden Avenue and Burnell Boulevard. We aim to encourage activity and create a sense of place through increasing safety for pedestrians, simplifying the public transit system that is in place and improving vehicle mobility through the corridor. Our approach to achieve the stated goals is: simplifying the Wall Street and Belden Avenue Intersection, converting Burnell Boulevard into a 2-way road, and implementing parallel parking on both sides of Wall Street.