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Sean-Michael Parkinson
Maxwell Wondolowski
Jasmin Lugo
Michael David

Dr. Richard Christenson



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Dr. Alexandra Hain

Superstructure Replacement using Maintenance-Free Steel Beams

Project CCTRP 20-02 will be to design Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) staging plans for the superstructure replacement of a steel girder highway bridge that utilizes UHPC to stabilize girder ends. UHPC has been used to repair existing bridges with deteriorating girder ends but has not seen much application in new construction yet. The high compressive strength of UHPC combined with its improved durability against freeze/thaw cycles and corrosion from road salts makes it a great material to be used in highway bridges. CTDOT is seeking to design maintenance-free steel bridges so that their investments in the state’s infrastructure have an as long a service life as possible.