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Jacob Zadroga
Joe Crawford
Tim O'Meara
Jacob Starks
Mahdi Kazi

Steven Demurjian


Synchrony Financial

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Synchrony CareCredit

Synchrony, a financial services company, is looking to build upon their existing CareCredit application. This application provides avenues for customers to pay their medical bills. In its current form, one of the app’s key functions is to allow customers to pay healthcare providers directly for the portion of their medical expenses that insurance will not cover. However, in CareCredit’s current state, this key functionality is inefficient. As a result, Synchrony is interested in an enhancement of this feature, which would allow patients to scan their healthcare bills with their phone camera and autofill details. In addition, a check-in functionality will be implemented to allow a patient to check-in to an appointment on the app from their car, rather than having to enter the facility. A provider will see this check-in request and be able to approve or deny the patient using the application.