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Allan Feng
Nicholas Durkin
Bude Su
Maximilian Kessler

Nabavi Sheida


Movia Robotics

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Shared Environmental Layout Data Structure of Human Position and Posture Representation for Human Robotic Interaction Control

The purpose of the project is to create a system that can take video data from two input devices and combine the data into one global environment. This will allow MOVIA to supplement their Kebbi Air Robot Platform with data from additional devices, improving the ability of the system to interact with subjects. The project will be implemented using Unity and Microsoft’s world locking tools. The system will have a module that is responsible for tracking subjects' positions and locations using fixed real-world objects (glyphs). This module will be installed on multiple devices and will feed all the data to a second module. The second module will combine that information using coordinate transformations and create a unified global coordinate space. The global coordinate space will check for duplicate data or errors and will create a single representation of each subject in the environment. These virtual representations will be displayed as the output on a laptop. This document outlines the exact details and design decisions for the system described above, and will also present the action plan for completing the project.