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Team 32

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Mohammad Habib
Connor Lynch
Saumya Shah
Qianrui Xia
Xuehuan Zhu

Suining He



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Cigna Mental Health Social Media

Our task is to develop an application that integrates with an existing and popular social media platform such as Twitter to allow users to monitor and be alerted when one of their friends might be having a mental health challenge. The app would analyze photo images and textual posts in a social media feed to perform sentiment analysis. The sentiment score would be presented to the user and give them potential insights that allow them to be a real “friend” and provide the community support that is needed. This might be done through prioritizing the news feed, proactive alerting, or even giving users the ability to place certain contacts on a their personal watch list. Sentiment scores might also be graphed over time to show the ups and downs of their community of friends and potentially correlate these extremes to personal or public news events.