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Justin Ngome-Paul
Kevin Lindstrom
Kaiyuan Liu

Dr. Shengli Zhou


UConn Electrical & Computer Engineering Department

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Resonant-beam based optical wireless data communication and charging.

The University of Connecticut’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department has tasked us with developing a resonant beam based wireless power transfer and communication device that uses 1064 nanometer coherent light. This project is a continuation of two years of development performed by two previous senior design teams. We are tasked with finally implementing the extended cavity laser that is this resonant beam and implementing the previous communication work to this extended cavity laser. This task is non-trivial as there are very strong budget constraints being imposed on this project. While the development we are performing is proof of concept based, a company called Wi-Charge already has products that use resonant beam based charging. However, their product does not implement communication over the resonant beam, and this is the task for our team: to make a novel system that does both communication and charging. The development of this new technique could provide alternative communication options to communication standards being used in existing communications bands such as Bluetooth and LoRaWAN.