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Team 8

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Owen Kratowicz
Nabeel Mian
Yuhong Yao
Bryan Cruz-Cintron

Shengli Zhou



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Integrated Wi-Fi Communication and Sensing

Wi-Fi environmental sensing is a relatively new and unresearched technology. Expanding the potential of this field of study, Team 2208, in a project sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, is seeking to develop a Wi-Fi simulation platform capable of object detection, tracking, and environmental sensing. This simulation is seeking to expand on current technologies by attempting to capture biometric measurements and detect more delicate body and object movements through the disruption created on the path of surrounding Wi-Fi signals. The goal of this project is to then develop a technology that is capable of emulating radar functionality or environmental imaging. Research was done into the feasibility of the project, as well as a survey of available software tools. The software explored included a deep examination of MATLAB’s WLAN toolbox and open-source WiGig tools. Future plans for this project will involve the development of a software-based simulation environment. Successful completion of this simulation could lead to the creation of a physical prototype demonstration.