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Evan Wielachowski
Drew Riffle
Ruowang Jian
Edith Palomino

Yang Cao


General Dynamics Electric Boat

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Electric Machine Voltage Insulation System

The insulation system of an electric machine has to be carefully designed and implemented in order for the machine to have optimal performance, low size and weight, reduced component cost, and machine longevity. Recently, UConn researchers have developed a new nano-structured insulation material, with hopes of it providing benefits to electric machinery. Tasked by General Dynamics Electric Boat, we will be modeling different marine propulsion motors to test and compare the performance benefits that the nano-structured insulator provides compared to the current industry standard insulator. Multiple motors will be modeled using Ansys RMxprt and Maxwell, and then tested to see their thermal performances. Additionally, we will be observing the effect that different motor cooling methods (air, direct liquid, indirect water) have on the performance of the insulated propulsion motors. The primary objective of this project is to obtain data on how well the nano-structured insulation outperforms the current industry standard insulation, depending on the motor and the type of cooling method used.