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Sushant Raj
Steven Allaby

Ashwin Dani


Belimo Americas

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Assembly Process Improvement with Co-bot

Belimo is a Swiss-based manufacturer and distributor of actuators, sensors, and control valves, for HVAC systems. Their North American headquarters is located in Danbury, Connecticut. The goal of our project is to continue to the work of previous senior design teams from 2019-2021 and implement a collaborative robot work cell into their customization department. We are specifically tasked with working to automate the assembly of their rack-bearing subassembly. The subassembly consists of a bent sheet metal bracket and plastic part that are screwed together using self-tapping screws. The addition of screws introduces the added complexity of automating a screwdriving process. The benefits of automating this fully manual assembly process are that it will allow for shorter customization lead times and allow operators to focus on parallel tasks while decreasing assembly costs.