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Condensate Collection and Treatment

The Pfizer Facility in Groton, Connecticut is the global center for the development of pharmaceutical candidates in the Pfizer Research & Development Pipeline. Over the course of a given year, the Groton site consumes a significant amount of water that includes approximately 225 Million Gallons per year over the past 5 years to meet site demand for onsite utility demand for steam and chilled water generation as well as laboratory and office uses. Approximately 25% (57 million gallons per year) is used for cooling tower make-up. This significant amount of water use places the Groton site as one of the top consumers in the entire global portfolio of Pfizer facilities. In order to increase the company’s sustainability and lower their water consumption, Pfizer commissioned Senior Projects, Inc. to design a system that would allow for the reuse of condensate accumulated in Building 220 for use in the cooling water towers. In order to make this reuse a reality, two main design aspects are required. The first is a mechanical project which will focus on the transport of the water from the penthouse and basement mechanical rooms to the cooling water towers. Thomas and Chandan will focus on this aspect. This will require a pipe design and possibly a pump as well. The second design requirement will be to ensure that the quality of condensate meets the parameters required for cooling water before it reaches the cooling water towers. This will require design work from environmental engineers, Hope and Kyla, to develop a treatment system for the collected condensate.

Our team collaborated with Mechanical Engineering 38 on this project.