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Town of Bolton

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Bolton Water Connection

The Town of Bolton is a small community with very limited public water utility access. There are a couple of small public water supplies serving limited residential customers which have little ability to expand or serve our business community. Bolton does have a small area along Rte. 44 between Bolton Notch at 384 and the Town of Manchester that is home to several businesses that would benefit from a public water supply. There is also vacant land at the old drive-in theater site and on Cider Mill Road that would have greater opportunity for development if public water were available. This area is currently served by a sewer system connected to the Town of Manchester. Along this stretch are some restaurants, motor vehicle sales and service, two filling stations with some food service, a veterinary hospital, small equipment sales and service, a machine shop and a manufacturer. The manufacturer in particular purchases water by the tanker load to manufacture automobile soaps and waxes. This area is also home to our only aquifer protection area. Some time ago we looked into the idea of bringing public water to this area but the cost at the time was prohibitive. We believe that we may be able to leverage American Rescue Plan funding to construct this project. The project would entail collaborating with the Manchester Water Company to design a way to bring water from the Manchester Town line along RT 44 to 384. Our early research indicated that there was plenty of water volume but pressure would be an issue. It is our hope that UCONN Engineering students might enjoy meeting the challenges of this project and aid us in finding the most cost-effective solutions to resolve them to supply both potable and fire suppression water. In doing so they would aid Bolton by bolstering the economic vitality of our business district, improve the safety of the public water supplies in the area, improve fire safety and help protect the integrity of the aquifer.