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Team 3

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Chaokai Zhang
William Smith
Yiyi Zheng

Craig Calvert and Francisco Cunha



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Design a device for neck security labeling on alcohol bottles

Waypoint Spirits currently has a production line that integrates canning, cleaning and labeling. However, only one person can complete the labeling, so the efficiency is low. The main purpose of this project is to design a device for neck security labeling on a glass bottle to increase efficiency. Cost control is critical to ensuring that all expenses are justified by the return on investment. We utilized SolidWorks to create a device that combines human and automatic labeling based on the specifications stated. The team needs to design a device that can automatically label the bottle with lower cost and constant. To properly complete the project, the team must carefully examine modeling approaches, cost control, and project management.

Our team collaborated with Mechanical Engineering 12 on this project.