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Elizabeth Downey
Luke Dabek
Paige Lombardi

Craig Calvert and Frank Cunha



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Soldering Iron Documentation and Design

Chapco is a metal fabrication company in Chester, Connecticut. Chapco has four different business units, with this project falling under the Esico-Triton brand. Esico-Triton develops and manufactures soldering irons for industrial settings. This Soldering Iron Documentation & Design project can be broken down into 3 separate parts. The first objective is to ensure that the certified UL requirements are being adhered to. We added UL requirements to their corresponding drawings and components in the form of visual aids after reviewing UL reports. Secondly, we will document the soldering iron element winding process, and identify process improvements to be done. The third part of this project is to conduct market research on wireless soldering irons, deliver a 12V soldering iron product design, and provide a roadmap of how to implement this.

Our team collaborated with Electrical and Computer Engineering 22 on this project.