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Team 18

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Conor Gallagher
Ankit Saini
Aiyane Mattoso

Craig Calvert & Francisco Cunha


Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

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Digital Transformation of Manufacturing through Augmented Reality

This project is sponsored by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, a company that supplies helicopters and technology to the United States Department of Defense and customers around the world. The goal of this project is to allow manufacturing engineers to have a better control over their machine outputs and operations. This will be done by integrating augmented reality visualization into manufacturing processes. Technical data given by a machine and its environment will be transferred to an information databank using various sensors. The user will access the databank through a phone or tablet using a QR code trigger. This will display the technical data and update the interface in real time. This version of augmented reality will offer a mobile display for engineers to monitor their manufacturing processes. Displaying data in real time will offer engineers greater understanding of how their machines are operating and decrease time consuming practices. The data will allow corrective action to be made before defective parts are produced and eliminating improper function will decrease machine degradation. Augmented reality is already in practice in many companies around the world, and this project will expand Sikorsky’s capability to utilize the technology.