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Jack Gibbons
Thomas Greene
Theresa Nosel

Yuanyuan Zhu

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Determining the Sintering Condition of Porous Metal Media Through Non-Microscopy Based Techniques

This project’s focus is to determine an alternative technique to scanning electron microscopy (SEM) that can quantitively verify if 316L stainless steel porous media has been sintered correctly. The team is investigating a parallel between sintering condition and acoustic resonance spectroscopy (ARS). With a promising correlation, investigating the sintering condition will be shortened from 30 minutes (SEM) to less than two minutes with ARS. The team will start by measuring the pore and neck diameters of the sintered media via SEM images to determine the sintering condition of each sample. Then we will use ARS and additional testing to figure out what data corresponds to a good versus a bad sample. This will allow us to create a simple pass-fail test method making SEM obsolete, saving time and money.