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Team 8

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Ria Paranjape
Martin Birnbach
Yirui Xiong

Dr. Lesley Frame & Dr. Pamir Alpay



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Computational Modeling of Solid Solution Hardening on Aluminum Alloys

The goal of this project is to determine the impact of solute element concentration on the mechanical properties of a single-phase Aluminum alloy, and then compare correlations between computational and experimental data from methods that employ solid solution strengthening and grain boundary refinement. After determining Aluminum alloys with compositions that stay in single phase without precipitating, as well as the maximum solute concentrations to form binary alloys, our main objective is to develop density functional theory (DFT) simulations and compute changes in the elastic/bulk moduli, hydrostatic pressure variations near a solute, and charge distributions. We hope to create a data loop between our DFT models and our experimental data, which will be calculated by characterizing the physical samples of our procured alloy(s) after processing. Going forward, we would like to apply our research on solid solution strengthening of aluminum alloys onto different alloy systems.