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Team 04

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Ethan Langh
Matthew Chambers

David J. Giblin



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Eagle Mobile Robotic Carrier System

The Airbornway Eagle Mobile Robotic Carrier System is a self-driving machine that travels on a single cable suspended in the air between towers. Its goal is to act as a energy efficient alternative to modern public transportation. A key element of the Eagle MRC is that passengers are loaded/unloaded at street level. To accomplish this, the system utilizes an elevator subsystem to move the passenger cabin between its loading/unloading and traveling heights. ME Team 04 is investigating and evaluating the current design for the elevator subsystem of the Eagle MRC system using the ASME 17.1 Safety Codes for Elevators with the goal of providing both Airbornway critical feedback on their design's feasible. Furthermore, the ME team is working with the electrical engineering team to redesign the elevator subsystem to improve its energy efficiency using existing technology.