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Team 12

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Brendan Parsons
Camden Johnson
Chenrui Liu

Frank J. Cunha



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Label Application Device

Waypoint Spirits is a distillery located in Bloomfield, CT that was established in 2015. Their main products are vodka and gin which are made and bottled in house. The goal of this project is to design, prototype and fabricate a device that can apply a safety seal to the top and neck of bottles. A successful device would be able to consistently apply seals to bottles while applying them straight and in line with the label to be visually appealing. Applying the safety seal is the last step in the production process but takes the most amount of time due to it being applied by hand. Buying an automated machine isn’t justifiable for Waypoint currently since it would exceed the capacities of the other processes and would have a large initial cost.

Our team collaborated with Management & Engineering for Manufacturing 3 on this project.