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Max Veilleux
Ben Ruben
Dan Simmons
Joseph Andrews

Reza Sheikhi



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Low-Logistics Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Transport and Deployment System

Our project is sponsored by DIVE Technologies which designs and uses custom autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) for specialized missions. These missions include littoral and deep water surveys, inspection, and ISR. For our project, our team is tasked with designing a system which can carry a 6,000 pound, 19 foot long, 4 foot diameter AUV across public roads and launch it at a typical boat launch. This system needs to adequately dampen vibrations so the sensors on board the AUV are not damaged due to transportation. The system also needs to be submerged during the launch and recovery process so that the AUV can float off. Lastly, the system needs to be corrosion resistant in order to go into salt water frequently without damage. Our team based the initial design off of the typical aluminum boat trailer to save weight. We then modified the design to include an extendable trailer head and a ramp so that the length of the trailer would be able to be adjusted to adequately meet the needs of the launch and recovery process, while being able to remain shorter during transport for ease of maneuverability. This design includes wire rope isolators between the trailer and AUV in order to provide high frequency vibration protection along with a typical trailer spring and damper system. For extra structural support, this design includes galvanized steel I-beams around the frame of the trailer. We used the simulation program Ansys to validate our design’s strength and vibration mitigation.