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Team 7

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Joshua Mirolyuz
Carlos Lachos Olivares
Emilie Alber
Ethan Langh
Matthew Chambers

Susan Zuo



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Eagle Mobile Robotic Character

This project involved a collaboration between the ECE and ME teams in order to help improve the overall design of the Eagle Mobile Robotic Carrier (EMRC) to improve power efficiency, as well as designing a power distribution system for this purpose. For our project, we have research and written design constraints for the system such as the maximum weights, speeds, torque, safety requirements, and other miscellaneous requirements. Furthermore, we have researched which subsystems the system will require, as well as designed some such as the power distribution circuit and the load center, with CAD models in regards to the lifting and elevator systems. We have performed simulations on both the circuitry and CAD models being utilized as well as done calculations regarding mechanical and power requirements and research regarding safety standards to determine technologies that could be used to make the elevator subsystem of the EMRC more efficient. More information on the ECE and ME aspects of the project can be found on the respective ECE and ME Teams webforms (ME team 4 and ECE team 26).

Our team collaborated with Mechanical Engineering 4 on this project.