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Claire Palin
Ainsley Svetek
Audra McSharry
Tessa Basile
Melissa Lyder

Dr. Guoan Zheng


UConn Biomedical Engineering Department

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Antibiotic and Anticancer Drug Screening on a Chip

Our design is a way to image samples in a way that produces a 3D image allowing the researchers to see the sample's depth. This is done through multiple ways. It has a controllable stage that is smoothly translational within x, y and z planes. Two 150mm stepper motors are configured with the stage to allow this movement. Correlating MATLAB code communicates with the stage’s stepper motors through a 3 axis USB controller board in order to move the stage methodically. The stage moves a specified distance at a specified time, to ultimately capture a full image of the cells, based on the MATLAB scripts. One imaging sensor is implemented in our design directly beneath the stage. The sensor ensures a precise image with a specific pixel size of 2.4µm. It does so with a blood coating over its conventional lens that acts as a bio-lens, this design also reduces cost compared to buying a higher quality sensor. The sensor used in conjunction with the blood cells utilizes a 2 X 0.1-NA objective lens and a 4 X 0.2-NA objective lens to create a full field of view of 120mm. The design functions with a glass bottom 35mm petri dish filled with the specified cell and drug assay that requires imaging. A 3-D printed component was designed to hold the petri dish tightly in place during the imaging process, and it rests right above the sensor. A green laser is used for illumination and contrast of the specimen and is secured above the petri dish with a lens slip ring, optical posts, and angle clamps. The base of the device is made of acrylic board, cut to 10in × 8in × 0.47.