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Anthony Burzynski
Aleksandra Sajdak
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Grace Martone

Dr. Brian G. Willis



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Process Development and Overview of FUJIFILM Dimatix Material Printer Applications in Commercial Uses

In many fields, inkjet printers are popular for printing due to their combination of low cost, high resolution, and acceptable production speed. Precise deposition of droplets allows for printing graphical patterns, printing electronic devices such as solar cells, circuits, and circuit components. Many applications related to inkjet-printing are commercialized or under research. In this literature review the printer studied is the Dimatix Materials Printer (DMP) 2800-series. The DMP is a laboratory and limited production tool that enables researchers, scientists, and engineers to evaluate the use of ink jetting technology for new manufacturing and analytical processes. The DMP technology has extensive capabilities that allow increased experimental sophistication to optimize process parameters for the user’s desired applications. Equipment allows for sheet scanning inkjet deposition systems with close droplet observation of location, and variable printing resolution. In addition, it is important to be able to accurately control the inkjet performance with the control variables such as viscosity, surface tension, volatility, density, degassing, filtration, and fluid acidity/alkalinity. Data collection focused on identifying optimal ink composition parameters for the printer, as well as appropriate inkjet parameters. More research involves post-print treatment procedures, safety and environmental considerations, as well as an economic analysis. Through our research we found that when scaling, inkjet-printing allows for a cost-effective production of desired technology. Inkjet-printing shows a promising future for the application of material printers in flexible electric technology as well as other commercial uses.