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Trumbull Intersection Improvements

In the Nichols neighborhood of Trumbull, CT, there are 2 major intersections with high traffic volumes, Shelton Road and Huntington Turnpike (CT-108) and Unity Road and Huntington Turnpike (CT-108). Existing roadway configurations have led to an increase in traffic congestion, which has become a safety concern for the town. The purpose of this project is to correct operational and safety deficiencies at the intersections of CT-108 with Shelton Road and Unity Road, by realigning Shelton Road to create a single, conventional 4-way intersection with CT-108 and Unity Road. The project is split up into 5 key design elements: New Roadway Alignment/Geometry, Partial Right-of-Way Plan, Stormwater Management, Signing and Pavement Markings, and Cost Estimation.