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Team 9

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Christopher Alvarez-Pani
Justin Woo
Zahraa Almusawi
Thomas Gavaletz
Daisy Ren

Shinae Jang



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New Haven Union Station Platform Canopy Studies

This project aims to address the current structural deficiencies of the New Haven Union Station for WSP USA and the Connecticut Department of Transportation. The scope of work includes a complete replacement of all platform sections to resolve the corrosion in the concrete from salt over time and a new canopy structure to protect both the station and the users from the weather environment. The team decided to create a design with four individual canopies spanning over each platform composed of both polycarbonate material and fiber-reinforced polymer. The four platforms will be extended to create a more uniform design utilizing concrete as the main support. The proposed design presented through a 3D model, a 2D section layout, and a virtual reality rendering will be evaluated based on the following factors to bring the station back into a state of good repair: (i) construction cost, (ii) aesthetics, (iii) incorporation of future developments and station construction, (iv) maintenance, (v) utility impacts, (vi) existing structure impacts, and (vii) code compliance.