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Nhut Hoang
Yesmine Jlidi
Paola Barbosa
Matthew Jewell

Dr. Shinae Jang


University of Connecticut

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Evaluation of 3D Imaging Technologies for the Structural Inspection of Retaining Walls

The structural inspection of retaining walls is an important aspect in ensuring the safety and integrity of civil infrastructure. In recent years, 3D imaging technology has become increasingly popular for assessing the structural health of retaining walls as it can provide accurate and detailed information about the condition of retaining walls. This study aims to evaluate three methods of 3D imaging technology. Photogrammetry with a DJI Maverick drone, iPad LiDAR Scanner, and LiDAR BLK is used to determine the accuracy and precision of these tools on concrete and masonry walls. Photogrammetry with the DJI Maverick drone takes multiple images from different angles and processes them into a 3D model. The iPad LiDAR Scanner is a handheld device that allows you to quickly and efficiently capture 3D point cloud data. The LiDAR BLK is a more advanced and specialized device that uses laser beams to create high resolution 3D images. Evaluating these three methods will help determine the most accurate technique for detecting structural defects in retaining walls. Overall, this study is an important contribution to the field of civil engineering and provides valuable insight into the latest technological advances in structural inspection.