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Team 12

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Kelly Voong
James Pillsbury
Amia Jain
Riyad Al-Bakri

Prof. Alexandra Hain


UConn School of Engineering

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Steel Bridge Competition

The ASCE Regional Steel Bridge Competition is a regional event held annually in New England and challenges student teams to develop a scale-model steel bridge from scratch. The team must also determine how to fabricate their bridge and then plan for an efficient and timely assembly at the competition. Bridges are load tested and weighed for economic viability and structural efficiency. The final design must span approximately 23 feet, carry 2,500 pounds, and must meet all other specifications set by the official competition rules. Bridge aesthetics are also judged and considered in the final scoring during the competition. Senior Design Team CE12 was assigned to work in tandem with the UConn Steel Bridge club to prepare for and participate in this competition by analyzing their bridge design by means of hand calculations and various 2D and 3D models. They also assisted in fabrication of the physical bridge and attended the competition with the rest of the club. Other deliverables included an aesthetic model which can be explored in VR, informative posters, and videos detailing the full breadth of the design process.