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Team 9

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Malav Patel
Timothy Schafer
Aaditi Mehta
Anting Ma
Bryan Nguy
Henry Levinson

Yufeng Wu



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Target Annotation

One area of interest of the Data & Infrastructure team is enabling target annotation to help researchers identify functional elements of targets and to get an insight into target-related proteins/genes and their functions. One way to annotate targets is based on literature curation. The project aims at developing a web application to capture target information, enabling the annotation of useful information from research publications. The goal of the project is to i) create a relational database to store annotated targets ii) curate a list of targets from UniProt and upload them to the database iii) implement a front-end to access target information iv) Develop back-end modules to enable different use cases such as (query specific target, annotate targets, add a column, save to database) and v) test and document the application.