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Team 13

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Som Sedigh
Matthew Fernand
Aiden Murphy
Nick Barga
Zachary Anderson
Andy Trinh

Amir Herzberg


UConn School of Engineering

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Cybersecurity Lab Preparation Project

In course CSE 3140 and CSE 4402, students preform lab projects in cybersecurity. For this project, we developed two new lab projects and a streamlined process for an existing lab. The streamlined process using an digitalized emulator for one of the hardware pieces, Rubber Ducky, that is used inside the lab. This emulator is then used inside of an auto-grader, which enables students and TAs alike to utilize this program to check if the existing code is functional for use in the hardware and displays issues with the script. As for the lab projects, we developed hardware solutions for a firewall and a keylogger. The hardware firewall uses a Raspberry Pi 4 to act as a mass storage device (similar to a USB device) to a Windows PC in order to prevent attacks from a device like a Rubber Ducky. Using python, the Pi then can pass along information to the Windows computer if it's a memory stick. The keylogger also utilizes the Raspberry Pi 4 as an intermediate device between keyboard and computer. It collects the keystrokes and sends over sudo-keystrokes to the connected device.