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Team 2325

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Ali Abdelgulil
Andrew DePalma
Giovanni Carusone (not pictured)

Liang Zhang


Collins Aerospace

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Automated Adjustment Tool

The Mechanical System Group at Collins Aerospace is a major manufacturer and distributor of fuel control devices, which are used as a part of aerospace engines, designed to control the fuel distribution, especially for the Pratt and Whitney PurePower Engines. This project is a continuation of the work done by the 2021 ME senior design team. Their previous, our current, objective is to adjust a locknut and adjustment screw in a testing setting. The previous team was successful, however faced difficulties in their sizing; using a designed based on a gearbox using solenoids inside of it to shift either the locknut or adjustment screw ended up being too large. Our team collaborated with Management and Engineering for Manufacturing team 02 and Mechanical Engineering team 17 on this project. The composition of our team of different engineers and with the direction of our sponsor and Collins representative James DeVoe, has allowed us to reduce the size of our device while maintaining functionality.

Our team collaborated with Management & Engineering for Manufacturing 2,Mechanical Engineering 17 on this project.