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Rohan Green
Alex Nordlund

Abhishek Dutta



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Portable Mental Wellness Programming Device

The objective of this project is to enable an individual to reprogram their subconscious mind using techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy, neuroscience, and aromatherapy via a portable device. This portable device will be capable of projecting affirmations that a person can see repeatedly, especially before resting. These affirmations will be projected throughout the evening and night with complementary images that would reinforce the message of the affirmation. For example, an affirmation related to happiness will be followed by a smiling face. Also, the device will come with an application that will be used to control the more complex features of the device. More specifically, the application will enable you to create programs that will target specific negative events or thoughts that you encounter throughout the day. Besides controlling the programs, the application will be capable of interacting with any future and past Aroma Kit devices. These Aroma Kit devices currently include a essential oils diffuser that releases oil during specific sleep cycles.

Our team collaborated with Computer Science & Engineering 12 on this project.