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Alex Chopskie
Khaled Alqadumi

Craig Calvert


Collins Aerospace

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A Step Towards Automation: Development of Automated Adjustment Tool for Fuel Control Calibration and Cost Savings.

Collins Aerospace is a manufacturer of aerospace products and a subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies. This project aims to develop an automated adjustment tool that calibrates a fuel controls and pressure valve. After teaming with a Mechanical and Electrical Engineering students, the design team was able to design and prototype an automated tool. Collins Aerospace is looking for ways to make their fuel control calibration process fully automated with this project as the first step. This tool will adjust the locknut and the adjustment screw on a Collins Aerospace fuel control unit. The tool consists of two motors connected to bevel gears that spin connecting lock nut adjuster and an allen wrench. The motors are controlled by arduino code and a stepper motor driver. From a manufacturing standpoint, this project will cut cycle time by around 80% and will save around $74,000 a year for the company. These can then be reinvested in future manufacturing projects to help automate more of the fuel control calibration process.

Our team collaborated with Electrical and Computer Engineering 25,Mechanical Engineering 17 on this project.