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Team 12

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Grace Johnson
Rachel Poulos
Valerie Lee

Vito Moreno


Biomass Controls

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Menstrual Hygiene Safe Disposal (MHSD) User Interface with Interlock

Biomass Controls (working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) has tasked our team with a project focusing on the development and design refinement for a disposal incinerator that converts menstrual hygiene waste into a pathogen free and unrecognizable output. As a team, we have been tasked with designing a new iteration of their current menstrual safe hygiene disposal system model #22 with a user-friendly mechanical user interface (UI) and innovative interlock design. To confront this problem, a “mailbox door” interface was created to serve the following purposes: continuous loading of the mensural products by guiding the input to an integrated drying component, anti-fishing interface capabilities for user safety and privacy, airlock capabilities that ensure that ISO standard of emissions escape are met, and self-cleaning capabilities using the residual heat of the furnace.