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Czara Mangahis
Brandon Ello
Daniel Gorman

Hongyi Xu



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Redesign of a Wire Rope Drum For Stage Machinery

Creative Conners, located in Warren, Rhode Island, specialize in automation tools in stage machinery. The objective of this project was to reduce cost and or increase manufacturability of their wire rope drum, while remaining within standards. the only manufacturing constraints were that the drum had to be manufactured out of a 10" diameter tube by 16.5" long, and the grooves on the drum had to be applicable for 3/16" wire cable. The drums material was examined to potentially be altered but was decided against after further design analysis, thus Aluminium 6061-T6 remained as its primary material. CAD models of potential drum designs, and the current drum, were generated and tested in Ansys to inspect the stress levels on the drum. The current drum was found to be over designed and could be further simplified into a more cost effective design. With this information we were able to propose an alternative design and report back on the expected maximum stress the drum would experience under its most critical condition.