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Ethan Lovallo
Matthew Correia
David Bibeau

Dr. Wilson Chiu



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CTNG TASMG Natural Gas Expansion

The scope of this project is to design a power system that exceeds current TASMG facility energy consumption using alternative, green energy sources to replace the existing propane dependent system at the facility, notably employing existing natural gas lines. To accomplish this, we have analyzed the current power usage of the TASMG campus and simulated potential microgrid configurations that could feasibly meet the power needs of the facility. Through a number of simulations, it was possible to select iterations of the microgrid system that were appropriate for the TASMG facility based on the available space on the campus and the budget provided by our sponsor. Once we down-selected a favorable microgrid configuration, we analyzed the economic benefits of employing this microgrid system, compiling a return on investment analysis for its installation and implementation. Finally, we put together a 3D model proposal to visualize the system in the context of the current facility.