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Temperature and Humidity (Climate Controlled) Chamber for IoT Device Testing

Being able to know the temperature and humidity of storage areas is critical for situations in which products are being stored or tested. HSB (Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company) are working to distribute IoT sensors that can detect the humidity and temperature of rooms. These sensors will help their customers be able to manage their own risk profile. To ensure the accuracy of the sensors, they are to be calibrated and tested for reliability with a chamber to ensure their accuracy and responsiveness to the change in temperature and humidity. The scope of this project is to build a temperature-controlled chamber with an external user interface to schedule chamber conditions. This will allow HSB, the sponsor of our project, to calibrate and reliability test their new IoT sensors. The chamber must be mobile and plug into a regular wall outlet as it should be able to travel to client locations. The inner volume of the chamber must be between 1-4 cubic feet. The chamber must also be able to reach a temperature range of 60-120 ℉.