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Nicholas Nguyen

Jiong Tang


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Vibration Control Synthesis and Implementation Using Real Time Hybrid Simulation and Digital Twin

This project explores the implementation of real-time hybrid simulation (RTHS) for magnetorheological dampers (MR dampers). The overarching goal of this research is to synthesize and experimentally validate advanced vibration control concepts through the usage of MR dampers. It begins with investigating the actuator structure interaction. Then looks into the development of a testbed for hardware-in-loop experimentation. Finally it will dive into the establishment of a real-time hybrid simulation framework for control algorithm validation. RTHS is an experimental method that has long been used to analyze structures that are too expensive or complex to experiment with physically. The benefit being that part of the system is simulated in a computational environment. This allows easier repeatability testing as well as making it easier to test the limitations of a system.