Team 4

Team Members

Faculty Advisor

Gregory Aschenbrenner
Ateeb Rahman
Theodore Fischer
Alexander Reed

Amy Thompson



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Digital Framework for Space Vehicle Attitude Control Requirements Verification

The Draper Laboratory is a non-profit research and development organization dealing with advanced aeronautical and aerospace systems founded in 1932 by Charles Stark Draper. The organization has various areas of expertise including Strategic Systems, Communications, Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC), and Microelectromechanical (MEM) Systems. These are incredibly complex systems, as such Draper’s has a vested interest in decreasing design time and lowering the barrier of entry to digital engineering. In the current design procedure, differing teams of engineers utilize various forms of models and requirements and interchange them with one another to accomplish design verification. By creating a digital framework the need to manually transfer information between teams is eliminated, replaced by an authoritative source of information that automatically updates upon input from a team. The goal of this project is to create said digital framework and verify its functionality on an arbitrary design. This serves to inform the sponsor of the potential of the software methods being used.