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Team 24

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Rajvir Singh
Juan Stevens
Daniel Heiden

Abhishek Dutta


American Society of Naval Engineers

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Electric Powered Boat

Promoting Electric Propulsion (PEP) is an annual run electric boating competition from April 15-16, 2024. This is the fourth year of the competition sponsored by the American Society of Naval Engineers and the Office of Naval Research. Our senior design team in combination with the newly formed Uconn PEP club will be participating in the event under the Unmanned category. The race consists of five one-mile laps in Broad Bay, located in Virginia Beach with the top three placing teams earning a cash prize. In order to complete this task we must design the boat from scratch while abiding by the PEP rules and regulations. Completing this task will involve researching and understanding the rules and guidelines for boat construction and competition, conducting necessary tests to evaluate each component, and fabricating of the boat based on our design choices.