Team 17

Team Members

Faculty Advisor

David Neal
Daniel Perez

George Matheou


Connecticut Air National Guard (CTANG)

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POL Product Recovery Tank System

David Neal and Daniel Perez are on Mechanical Engineering senior design team 17 working with the Connecticut Air National Guard to remodel their jet fuel product recovery system. They have been working closely with Cory Knick, Base Civil Engineer, Lt. David Pohl, Deputy Base Civil Engineer, and Scott Pearsall, Senior Construction Project Manager. Due to changes in environmental regulations, the old system’s underground piping and product recovery tank need to be moved above ground for leak detection capabilities and policy compliance. The team has been tasked with developing initial concept drawings or 35% drawings using 2D AutoCad. These drawings will detail the necessary changes in the system in order to comply with the updated environmental policies. The best design will focus on implementation, cost, and environmental impact. With the change in elevation, the team must also determine if new pumps must be added to the system.