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Matthew Zakowski
Corey Lauer
Andrew McLaughlin

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Measure Patient Sit-Stand Ability​

Current testing methods for patient sit-to-stand ability rely on the patient’s ability to complete repetitions going from seated to standing, counting the total completed over 30 seconds. The number of repetitions are then compared with age specific norms to determine if the patient needs aid. If unable to complete the repetitions, the patient automatically fails, and treatment is assigned to assist them. While this system works well for the patients who can reliably complete the repetitions, those who cannot do not receive the same nuance to their diagnosis due to the failure condition of the test. SedMed wants to provide a solution through the design of a device that can measure a patient’s sit-to-stand ability using a gas spring lift system. By using their product, the SedMed Toilet Lift Assist product as a technology base, this new device serves as testing and rehabilitation device which uses interchangeable gas springs to provide lift to the patient and slowly raise them and the chair up to standing position. By considering the force rating of the gas spring and the patient’s weight, their ability is measured even if the patient was unable to complete the standard 30 second sit-to-stand test. These gas springs can be used in combination or individually to provide varying levels of force to lift the patient for both testing and rehabilitation applications. The device seat level can be adjusted from a height of 17” to 22.5” to accommodate patients and is designed to handle patients weighing 75 to 275 lbs. This is all in an effort to provide medical staff with the means to better accommodate patients through more comprehensive testing and aided rehabilitation.