Team 56

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Faculty Advisor

Colby Seguljic
Cheuk Hei Chan

George Lykotrafitis


UCONN, Dr. Lykotrafitis

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Mobile Phone Game for Particle and Rigid Body Dynamics Virtual Experiments

This project is an educational physics game with 4 levels based on simulating single-particle motion, spring-mass motion, pendulum motion, and particle collisions. The game is built in Unreal Engine 4.27 and emulates accurate visual physics. Each level displays the particle in motion as well as the associated graphical data in terms of their mechanical energies and velocity. In each level, it is possible to modify the mass variable of the particle and the force with which to launch the particle and observe the resulting change. The single particle motion has 3 different restitution levels to choose which will affect the particle’s velocity after collision with the wall and floor.