2021 Winning Teams

This year we had over 240 Senior Design projects working with over 120 sponsors, which represented extremely innovative solutions to some of engineering’s most challenging problems. While narrowing down our favorites was very hard, below are the departmental winners from our 2021 Virtual Senior Design Demonstration Day. Congrats to all of our winners*, and all of our seniors for completing their projects!


Biomedical Engineering

First Place: Team 2: Margaret Daniel, Samuel Dailey, Jessica Tang
Title of project: Prosthetic Leg for Dancers
Advisor: Prof.  P. Kumavor; Sponsor: Paige Holden (UCHC)

Second Place: Team 8: Nathan Brockbank, Mariam Mohsin
Title of project: EEG-based Sleep Apnea Detection
Advisor: Prof. S. Santaniello

Third Place: Team 22: Amit Eshed, Ngoc Luu
Title of project: Skin Regeneration on Piezoelectric PLA Scaffold
Advisor: Prof. T. Nguyen

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 

First Place: Team 24: Arielle Behar, Dennis Timmons, Megan Walsh, Allyson Barrett
Title of project: Renewable Hydrogen
Advisor: Ioulia Valla
Sponsor: None

Second Place: Team 8: Jon-Marc McGregor, Brandon Figueroa, Patrick Paul, Rachel Marchini
Title of project: Development of New Skin Care Products by Exploring Different Aeration Techniques
Advisor: Anson Ma
Sponsor: Unilever

Third Place: Team 3: Talha Bhatti, Danielle Gan, Jonathan Mustis, Alex Zukowski
Title of project: Optimal Design of Agricultural Systems
Advisor: Matthew Stuber
Sponsor: None

Honorable Mention: Team 6: Justyn Welsh, Thomas Pauly, Christopher Tang, Ronald Cabello
Title of project: Pfizer Water Consumption Analysis and Reduction
Advisor: Jeffery McCutcheon
Sponsor: Pfizer

Civil Engineering

First Place: Team 9: Matthew Boyer, Olin Green, Roderick Joslin, Thomas Kropp, Makayla Roshkowski
Title of project: Old Main Gate Demolition and Site Restoration at the CT Air National Guard
Advisor: Nick Lownes
Sponsor: National Guard

Second Place: Team 20: Brian Lassy, Christian Mack, Enrique Cubillas, Ethan Hoffman
Title of project: Superstructure Redesign for Jordan Cove River Bridge
Advisor: Alexandra Hain
Sponsor: CHA

Third Place: Team 2: Kerone Walters, Jason Rich, Josue Flores, Luis Vega
Title of project: Traffic Safety and Operational Analysis
Advisor: John Ivan
Sponsor: Jacobs Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

First Place: Team 36: Nathan Choi, Jason Kim, Timothy O’Reilly
Title of project: Path Planning with Deep Learning Nets
Advisor: Fei Miao
Sponsor: Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab

Second Place: Team 39: Matthew Kirschbaum, Zachary Zambuto
Title of project: Remote Firearm Detection System
Advisor: Seung-Yun Hong
Sponsor: Presco Engineering

Third Place: Team 14: Saamiya Bhura, Erik Kriz, Paige Sheridan, Jordan Tsao
Title of project: Mental Health and Wellness Application
Advisor: Jake Scoggin
Sponsor: Student-sponsored

Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Place: Team 8: Bryan Ziobron, Marjol Mukallari, Jamie Moschella, Angelina Fagundes
Title of project: Wearable Fall Prevention Device
Advisor: Abhishek Dutta
Sponsor: Presco Engineering

Second Place: Team 27: Elizabeth Chamiec-Case, Paul Roach, Aaron Spaulding
Title of project: Passive Acoustic Array Design for Environmental Monitoring
Advisor: Lei Wang
Sponsor: NUWC

Third Place: Team 13 (Joint with ME): Andrew White, Nicholas Law, Sadman Sakib
Title of project: Smart Box for Transportation of Critical Articles
Advisor: Shalabh Gupta
Sponsor: Aquiline Drones

Environmental Engineering

First Place: Team 5: Alex Robotham, Ryan Morais, Brian Dinh, Austin Frank
Title of project: Centredale Manor
Advisor: Tim Vadas
Sponsor: Loureiro Engineering Associates

Second Place: Team 2: Abby Klimowicz, Florence Opoku, Lais Da Silva, Taryn Murasso
Title of project: Canadian Radium
Advisor: Tim Vadas
Sponsor: SESI Consulting Engineers (Dr. Amine Dahmani)

Third Place: Team 3: Alexis Coley, Brianna Herman, Sarah Mazerolle, Ryan Tamayoshi
Title of project: Multi-Unit Septic and Well System
Advisor: Tim Vadas
Sponsor: CHA

Management and Engineering for Manufacturing 

First Place: Team 7: Kyra Cullerton, Kelly Franklin, and Neha Muktadir
Title of project: Lyman Orchards Future Facility Design
Advisor: Craig Calvert, Frank J. Cunha
Sponsor: Lyman Orchards

Second Place: Teams 4 and 12 (TIE)
Team 4: Nicholas Curley, Danielle Garnelis, Joseph Homan
Title of project: Improve Fall Protection System with OSHA Compliance
Advisor: Craig Calvert/Frank J. Cunha
Sponsor: Holo-Krome

Team 12: Xavier Amos, David Bielawski, Oliver Bogan, Nishanth Sode
Title of project: Analyzing Digital Outputs of Ultra-Low Freezer
Advisor: Ryan O’Connor
Sponsor: Sikorsky

Third Place: Team 11: Maia Dufane, Jacob Patterson, Natiya Washer
Title of project: Reduction in Ergonomic Risk Factors
Advisor: Craig Calvert and Frank J. Cunha
Sponsor: Prysmian Group

Materials Science and Engineering

First Place: Team 9: Alex Distelman, Michael Geragotelis, Megan Hurley
Title of project: Rapid Martensitic Phase Detection for Improved Processing of 301 Stainless Steel
Advisor: Yuanyuan Zhu
Sponsor: Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, Inc.

Second Place: Team 10: Joe Doluca, Julia Roemer
Title of project: Design, fabrication, and testing of brain phantom and impactor for dynamic traumatic brain injury studies
Advisor: Jasna Jankovic
Sponsor: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Third Place: Team 6: Louis Crisci, Kienan Tierney
Title of project: 3D Printing Materials and Processing for Seawater Applications
Advisor: Volkan Ortalan
Sponsor: NUWC

Mechanical Engineering

First Place: Team 1: Mackenzie Lea, Joseph Symochko, Jacob Tran
Title of project: Design of a Low Cost, Disposable Foam Spray Gun
Advisor: Francesco Carbone
Sponsor: Acme Machinery

Second Place: Team 50: Zoë Coleman, Andrew Bugryn, Steven Quinn
Title of project: Rubber Calendaring Process Automation & Improvement: Feed-Cut-Stack
Advisor: Vito Moreno
Sponsor: Rubber Labels USA

Third Place: Team 19: Jack DiFrancesco, John Dana, Romario Bowen, Vinny Fazio
Title of project: Alternate Wear Sleeve Installation Method
Advisor: Vito Moreno
Sponsor: EA Patten

Professor’s Award: Team 68: Audrey Watkins
Title of project: Sensing and Demultiplexing Ultra-Low Frequency Waves
Advisor: Osama Bilal
Sponsor: UConn Mechanical Engineering