2022 Winning Teams

This year we had over 240 Senior Design projects working with over 120 sponsors, which represented extremely innovative solutions to some of engineering’s most challenging problems. While narrowing down our favorites was very hard, below are the departmental winners from our 2022 in-person Senior Design Demonstration Day. Congrats to all of our winners*, and all of our seniors for completing their projects!


Biomedical Engineering

1st Place

Project Sponsor: Beekley Family Foundation, Connecticut Breast Health Initiative, UCONN College of Engineering

Project Title: Personalized 3D Printed Breast Forms

Team 4 Members

Jacqueline Cooper
Margaret Easson
Nayara Zainadine

2nd Place

Project Sponsor: N/A

Project Title: Device and Mobile App for Retinal Imaging Diagnosis

Team 1 Members

Max Barton
Joseph Castellano
Ling Chi

3rd Place

Project Sponsor: Biomedical Engineering Department

Project Title: Design and Fabrication of Soft Hydrogels to Mimic Brain Matter to Model Traumatic Brain Injury

Team 18 Members

Olivia Rice
Leah Faber
Sydney Griger
Kristen Soldau
Apolline Vincent
Leah Sobotka

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 

1st Place

Project Sponsor: Unilever

Project Title: Characterization of Aeration Techniques for Skincare Products

Team 8 Members

Duncan Edel
Tim Rodrigue
Nina Huczko

1st Place

Project Sponsor: Nel Hydrogen

Project Title: Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis and Symbolic Regression of a Water-Oxygen Separator in the Hydrogen Production Process

Team 2 Members

Christine Sharabun
Sloane Putnam
Cat Odendahl

2nd Place

Project Sponsor: Spring Valley Student Farm

Project Title: Aquaponics System for Spring Valley Student Farm

Team 23 Members

Justin Amengual
Kaylee Walsh
Emily Miller

Civil Engineering

1st Place

Project Sponsor: VHB

Project Title: Modern Roundabout at the Intersection of Hunting Lodge Road and North Eagleville Road

Team 10 Members:

Kaitlyn Kondos
Nicole Martocchio
Joseph Mikulewicz
Avishan Montazer

2nd Place

Project Sponsor: Stantec

Project Title: Design of Site Work for Reconstruction of Washington Elementary School, West Haven, CT

Team 20 Members

Fiona Casey
Aidan Fay
Katie Laresch
Meg Sirowich

3rd Place

Project Sponsor: Luchs/DeCarlo & Doll

Project Title: Design of the Extension of Constitution Boulevard West in Shelton, CT

Team 21 Members

Samuel Baum
Brad Kelle
Jacob Zakrzewicz

Computer Science and Engineering

1st Place

Project Sponsor: Amir Herzberg

Project Title: CTng: An Improved Public Key Infrastructure Scheme

Team 4 Members

Finn Navin
Isaac Teles
Jie Kong
Marcus Barone
Millenia Polanco

2nd Place

Project Sponsor: Budderfly

Project Title: Anomaly Detection for IoT Devices

Team 31 Members

Prateek Kapoor
Kelsey Mitchell
Jake McNamara
Matthew Togher
Aikambir Walia

Project Sponsor: Synchrony

Project Title: CareCredit Application for iOS Devices

Team 18 Members

Jacob Zadroga
Joe Crawford
Tim O’Meara
Jacob Starks
Mahdi Kazi

Electrical and Computer Engineering

1st Place

Project Sponsor: Collins Aerospace

Project Title: Compact and Robust Data Logger

Team 13 Members

Jeremy Amoro
Michael Benvenuto
Diego Vilca

2nd Place

Project Sponsor: Triumph Gropu

Project Title: 1500W Brushless DC Motor Controller

Team 2229 Members

Jacob Parent
James Hipsky
Bolivar Baez
Jan Feyen

3rd Place

Project Sponsor: Accelerate UConn

Project Title: Airborne Virus Extermination Device

Team 2206 Members

Rogenry Munoz
Rafael Soliven
Toni Smakaj

3rd Place

Project Sponsor: NavSea Warfare Center

Project Title: Electromagnetic Expulsion of a Cylindrical Body from an Outer Tube

Team 2212 Members

Justin Maramo
Joseph DiBenedetto
Daisy Megnath

Environmental Engineering

1st Place

Project Sponsor: Loureiro

Project Title: Centredale Manor Restoration

Team 4 Members

Scott Ackerman
Taryn Shannon
Madeleine Hasson
Andrew Macklin

2nd Place

Project Sponsor: C.H.A.

Project Title: Design of New Stormwater Management and Septic System in Fire Station 140 in Tolland, CT

Team 9 Members

Stone Brown
Jessica Canty
Caroline Sabo

3rd Place

Project Sponsor: Town of Bolton

Project Title: Bolton Water Connection

Team 2 Members

Ethan Lo
Zachary Sagendorf
Juanita Toro
Kaelie Moran

Management and Engineering for Manufacturing 

1st Place

Project Sponsor: Collins Aerospace

Project Title: Designing and Prototyping an Electromechanical Tool Prototype to Automate Fuel Controls and Increase Efficiency

Team 6 Members

Zachary Parker
Alex Palvinski
Arthur Lihar
Matt Lozito

2nd Place

Project Sponsor: Fletcher

Project Title: Redesign of Auto Frame Robot to Improve Clamping Stability

Team 11 Members

Isabella Donadio
Katrina Granovskiy
Mitchell Hornak
Harrison Cao

3rd Place

Project Sponsor: TOMZ Corporation

Project Title: Automating the Pressing Process in the Assembly of Spinal Screws with a Failure Detection System to Decrease Human Error

Team Members

Daniel Schumann
Brian Toole
Alex Rizza

Materials Science and Engineering

1st Place

Sponsor: Norgren

Project Title Optimization of the Polymethyl methacrylate

Team 3 Members

Camille Martinez
Cole Accardi
Liam Gerety
Robert Williams

2nd Place

Project Sponsor:

Project Title: Determining Sintering Condition Through Non-Microscopy Based Techniques

Team 2 Members:

Jack Gibbons
Theresa Nosel
Thomas Greene

3rd Place

Project Sponsor: DevCom

Project Title: Computational Modeling of Solid Solution Hardening on Aluminum Alloys

Team 8 Members

Martin Birnbach
Ria Paranjape
Yirui Xiong

Mechanical Engineering

1st Place

Sponsor: Naval Underwater Warefare Center

Project Title: Electromag Expulsion of a Cylindrical Body from an Outer Tube

Team 34 Members

Jason Clark
Jeremy Lucien
Nathan Wetherell

1st Place

Sponsor: Whitcraft LLC

Project Title: Hands Free Poke Tacker

Team 63 Members

Conrad Baldwin
Graham Douglass
Zachery Roy

3rd Place

Sponsor: Professor Shahbazmohamadi

Project Title: Precision Polygon Scanning Femtosecond Laser System

Team 75 Members

Alexander M Blagojevic
Toni Moore

Professor’s Award

Sponsor: Professor Bilal

Project Title: Deployable origami-based structures

Team 71 Members

Ashmika Gupta