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Team 11

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Joshua Matthias
Garrett Zeilinger
Abraham Feldman
Christopher Shaffer

Sung-Yeul Park

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Contactless Underwater Discharge/Recharge of a Vehicle Battery

Our assigned project requires the development and demonstration of the concept of bi-directional power transfer with application to unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). We will need to prove the ability to both recharge and discharge battery systems while submerged underwater. This project requires us to develop a system to meet the needs of wireless charging. Included within this is the need for data communication, so as to measure the battery capacity and charging status of the system, as well as notify the transmitter and receiver to change their mode of operation (switch between charging and discharging). This project focuses on the command and control of bi-directional charging across a water gap, with the demonstration of a prototype design. Our constraints for this project include transmitting between 100 and 200 Watts of power, and maintaining a water gap of approximately 0.25 inches. Demonstration of our system proves the concept of bi-directional power transfer, done so wirelessly while submerged underwater.